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Christian Parenting Center
Resources for Raising Your Kids Christianly
Teach Your Children Well — E-Book

Introducing Teach Your Children Well, a downloadable e-book specially designed to help you raise your children Christianly.

Bursting with ideas, this e-book — over 200 pages in length — will quickly help you create an exciting time of sharing God's love and provision with your child. The e-book is designed by Dr. Ron Rhodes, a leading and well-known Christian leader.

Short lessons focus on fundamental truths and provide interactive, parent-tested examples and stories for equipping your child with a strong, godly foundation to last a lifetime. Many of these stories are "word pictures," and that's important because children tend to think visually. Each word picture will help you to teach a key truth to your children from God's Word. The word picture will help them see it clearly.

The down-to-earth illustrations included in the e-book will give you a solid base for helping your child understand a variety of important issues — including our sinful nature, the Gospel message, salvation, humility, honesty, kindness, generosity, angels, handling peers, handling failure, handling emotions, and even such things as humanism, evolution, money, and God's instructions on sex.

This e-book offers a wealth of insights and applications to help you enable your children to grow in their faith and live in the strength of the Lord.

  • Build a Christian worldview in your child.
  • Teach your child how to think "Christianly."
  • Help your child learn Christian virtues at an early age.
  • Teach your child how to discern what is true spiritually, and what is not true.
  • Learn to use tried and tested teaching methods — using word pictures — to help your child clearly understand Christian teachings.
  • Protect your child from false and damaging religious beliefs (like cults, humanism, and evolution).


"I just received a copy of Teach Your Children Well last week. What I've read so far has been great. The content would make a great parenting seminar to help equip parents to raise children with a biblical worldview.... Thank you again for your work. May the Lord richly bless you."

"I purchased your e-book, Teach Your Children Well. I cannot wait to apply the biblical principles you have written about… Thank you and may God continue to bless you and yours."

I read this book and learned so much about the basics of Christianity… I will keep this e-book as a reference as my two young children grow… Every believer should have this book in his/her library.

Ron Rhodes' e-book Teach Your Children Well gives parents an easy-to-read, easy-to-apply guide for teaching and training their children about God. Readers of this e-book will find lasting knowledge and wisdom from the Scriptures and learn ways to effectively relate them to children.

Rhodes takes readers step-by-step to encourage the fundamental principles of teaching, training, and modeling as he covers areas such as the family and its home, a virtuous heart, quest for success, growing strong in the faith, the importance of a church home for fellowship and worship, the fundamentals of the faith, and, yes, even the dangers facing our kids today including cults…

Each chapter is broken down into sections four to ten pages long. While part of each segment in the chapter is for parents only, there are also "Sharing Time" and "Shortcut to Understanding" sections with a story or "word picture" to help parents communicate the practical teaching of the concepts to their children.

Biblical principles are explained in simple terms from examples of popcorn to toothpaste for the young mind to understand. For instance, popcorn in the form of a kernel cannot be eaten. It first must go through the fire for it to become what it was intended to be. So, too, will Christians be tested and tried as each of us achieves his or her potential in life.

Teach Your Children Well helps children's faith to grow as they can learn to apply a godly foundation to their lives with solid biblical principles.
Following are chapter titles:

1 - Evangelizing Your Children
2 - Teaching Your Children
3 - Training Your Children
4 - Modeling for Your Children
5 - Love and Time
6 - Making the Most of Family Devotions
7 - The Boundaries of Love
8 - Teaching Responsibility
9 - Walking in Humility
10 - A Willingness to Learn
11 - An Honest Heart
12 - A Kind Heart
13 - A Generous Heart
14 - Good Work Habits
15 - Success God's Way
16 - Controlling Emotions
17 - Handling Failure
18 - Making Wise Decisions
19 - Speaking in a God - Honoring Way
20 - Gaining a Healthy Self - Concept
21 - Dealing with Peers
22 - God’s Book — The Bible
23 - Getting to Know God
24 - God and Man
25 - Mary's Little Lamb: The True Jesus
26 - All About Sin and Salvation
27 - The Family of God — The Church
28 - Power from on High: The Holy Spirit
29 - Winning Battles: The World, the Flesh, and the Devil
30 - Angels Among Us
31 - Death and the Afterlife
32 - Spiritual Growth
33 - Cult - Proofing Your Kids
34 - Refuting Reincarnation
35 - Unmasking Eastern Meditation
36 - Panning Pantheism
37 - Curbing the Craving to be God
38 - Avoiding Astrology
39 - Refuting Religious Pluralism
40 - Responding to Relativism
41 - Debunking Humanism
42 - Confronting Evolution
43 - Balancing Your Perspective on Money
44 - A Realistic Approach to Drinking and Drugs
45 - Your Kids and Sex
46 - Saying No to Suicide
Here's a screen picture of the e-book. Notice the clickable index on the left side. Just click on a chapter, and you are instantly taken to that chapter:

Price: $9.95.

The file format of this e-book is Adobe Acrobat, freely available at the Adobe website for both PCs and Macs.

Click here to order the e-book.

As soon as your payment is approved, you will be immediately taken to a page on our website where you can instantly download the e-book.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at this email address:

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